Monday, January 12, 2009

Stitching Away

You wouldn't know it by the looks of my Blog lately, but I've been stitching away and have accomplished quite a bit so far this month.

I've started and finished my 1st spooky tree on my Halloween Me, Myself, & I Round Robin piece. I used the tree from Judith Kirby's House #9. The fabric I chose was originally a bluish Solo from Silkweavers that I coffee-dyed to make it a little more dreary and spooky. I like the way it's looking so far.

I also started and finished my first Blue Ribbon Designs Ornament for the year.

The small border above the motifs on Double Dutch is also complete now.

When I am officially back online I'll have pictures to share. I sure miss blogging my progress pictures every day!

Thanks for visiting, and happy stitching!

Friday, January 02, 2009

Friday Night Stitch Night!

Going to Lynne's tonight for a Friday night Stitch & Sleepover. She's been taking a class on Friday nights which has ended now, so hopefully we can resume our regularly scheduled weekly programming. LOL I'm looking forward to it. I can also upload some pictures on her computer while I'm there, and have some to show next week of what I've been doing!

Now, if you were a pair of Mag-Eyes, where would you hide? I can't find mine ANYWHERE. I lost them once before, found them, and now they're gone again. I'm beginning to think I need to put a bell on them!

Have a great weekend everyone, and Happy Stitching!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

A Fresh New Year!

2009 has arrived, and along with it a brand spanking new year for stitching!

I started my Halloween Village for the Me, Myself, & I Round Robin last night, so I'm right on schedule with what I want to do this year. It's a good way to start! My other goals are:

1) Finish HOHRH
2) Finish Double Dutch
3) Continue Work on Inspiration
4) Stitch an Ornament A Month
5) Start Poinsettias & Pines
6) Join at least 6 TS Stitching Exchanges

It's gonna be a great year! Happy stitching, everyone!