Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another Halloween Addition

Carol sent me a link to this design thinking I'd like it for my Halloween Neighborhood MM&I Round Robin. Does she know me or WHAT? Isn't it cool?

It's "Witch Hollow Tree Houses" by The Gathering Place. I'm thinking I like the one with the orange roof better, but I'll have to see the chart close up to decide which one to use. I LOVE the Jack-o-lanterns hanging in the trees. And the rat!

I've stitched the orange bricks on the right side of House #11. The picture on the chart really doesn't do this piece justice because the colors are so much more vibrant.

I also started Six of Six at work, which will be my lunchtime project until it's finished. I like stitching at lunch. It's a little bit of Heaven in a hectic day. :)

September Goals:

* Start and finish Missy's TS Neighborhood RR - Done

* Start and finish Three of Six - Done

* Start, finish, and mail TS Halloween Exchange - Done

* Start House #11 on HOHRH - Done

Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Wonderful Gift!

I received the sweetest gift from my friend Carol. It was one of those "just because" gifts that really just makes your day. I am over the moon!

I've wanted these since I first saw them, and I can't wait to make the perfect fob. These will always be so special to me. Thank you so much, my sweet friend!

I stitched more on House #11 last night. And I found the piece of fabric I had cut for the last BR ornament which I had misplaced, so I'm ready to get that done, too. I'm asking Santa for more stitching time this Christmas...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Branching Out

Lynne and I had a great visit last night. After dinner at Captain D's, we hit Barnes & Noble and Books-a-Million looking for the JCS Ornament Issue. No dice. The guy at B&N did say they'll get a magazine shipment in on Monday, so our hopes are high!
I finished up the border to House #11 and got started on the tree on the right...

I should have Eva's Neighborhood RR next week, so I'm anxious to get working on that as well.
I'm determined to find stitching time during my upcoming move . How else am I going to stay sane??? LOL

Friday, September 26, 2008

It's Friday And Stitch Night!

It's Stitch Night, and I'll be going to Lynne's this week for some stitching and the usual gab fest. We never run out of things to talk about. It's amazing how either of us gets any stitching done! But we have fun, and I really look forward to our weekly visits.

I want to run by Office Max this weekend and see if I can find some of those pretty colored floss rings that lots of ladies are using with their floss tags. Not sure why I'm so enamored with those. Maybe because they're a little "instant gratification" finish?

Have a great weekend, and thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Harvest View

Just LOOK at this new afghan by Wichelt...

Isn't it GORGEOUS? I've never tried an afghan, but this one may be my first. I can just imagine this hanging on my wall. Absolutely beautiful.

I started on the border of House #11 last night and got three sides done. I really hope I can get the other 2 blocks stitched before year end. We'll see!

Happy Stitching, everyone!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Treats From Rachael

I received the most FABULOUS Halloween treats from Rachael for the Tranquil Stitches Halloween Tuck Bag Exchange. Just look at all the sweet things she sent me!

The tuck bag is the cutest thing. She stitched a spider web on black fabric
and attached a glow-in-the-dark spider! She sent a separate
little baggie with fun candles, stickers, and more spiders.
I'll definitely use these to decorate with this year!

Inside the bag was candy galore! Just look at all the sweets...

And as an extra bonus, she stitched the CUTEST little Halloween ornaments!

Thank you SO MUCH, Rachael! This is the best treat ever!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Either You Do Or You Don't

Do you like these?

I think these are two of those designs you either really like or really don't like. Personally I think they're beautiful, but definitely wouldn't fit in my decor (as eclectic as it is). I love the way the birds and flowers are so evident once you look at them closely.

The Needlework Show starts tomorrow at 2PM EST. I always enjoy browsing to see what's new and entering for the door prizes. I've never won anything, but several of my friends have. Be sure and check it out!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Five Down, One To Go

I finished Five of Six over the weekend. Only one more to go and I'll have completed 3 sets! I bet y'all are getting tired of seeing these, huh?


This isn't the "actual" one. DS took the camera to a birthday party Miss M attended and FORGOT IT! But this is exactly what the one I just finished looks like.

So far I've got everything on my September Goals list done except for starting House #11 on HOHRH. I hope to get it on the 'ole Q-snap this week. Man, I wish I had some Q-snap covers 'cause that hunk of fabric is massive. Anyone know someone who does nice ones?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I For An Eye(let)

Lynne and I had a great time yesterday. After lunch at Friendly's, we went to Michael's and I found an Eyelet tool, some eyelets, and floss rings. I've admired so many pretty floss tags that I was inspired to give it a try. I'm pretty much "finishing challenged," but I'm willing to try anything once! LOL

After Michael's we headed to Walmart for dinner fixin's and a gander at the fabric department. I picked up a new glue gun, too, because the puppy ate my old one. *rolls eyes*

We checked Barne's & Noble for the new JCS Ornament Issue, but no dice. Home for a nice dinner of spaghetti and an evening of stitching. It was a great day!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Silks & Shopping

I've received my silks from the Floss-of-the-Month from Vikki at Hand-Dyed Fibers . Just look at how lucious these are this month...

They feel like butter, and the colors are SO rich. Nothing like the feel of silk!

Lynne and I are heading out to Michael's today. I need some floss in the colors I'm using for the ornaments, as well as goodies for my Halloween Treat bag. We'll probably hit Ben Franklin and the Dollar Tree, too, then we'll come back here for dinner and stitching.

I hurt my back yesterday helping to carry the kitchen cabinet upstairs, so I'm hoping I can make it through the day. It sure is NO FUN getting old!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Double Dutch WIP

This is my Sampler Cove "Double Dutch" WIP. Please ignore the wrinkles...

(Click to see it larger)

I'm using WDW Mulberry & Tiger's Eye, and GAST Spring Grass. The original chart calls for gorgeous southwestern colors, but I wanted something different. I love how it's looking so far.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ornament Issue Is OUT!

It's that time of year!

I can't WAIT to snag my copy! I have every year except 1997 in my collection. Someday I'll find it. Someday! LOL

I decided to go ahead and start Five of Six, so I'll be working on it today. Can't believe it's Wednesday already!

Happy Stitching, everyone!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Blogging Is Motivational

I really enjoy the Stitching Community I've found through Blogging. I love seeing all the pictures of WIP's, exchanges, finishes, and the creativity shared by other stitchers on their sites. It's truly a wonderful group that I'm proud to now be a part of!

Oh, and let's not forget the enabling! I see so many beautiful things that I feel I just HAVE to have! Gee, thanks! LOL My latest drool is over these...

Aren't they fabulous? Kelmscot really outdid themselves with these beauties.
I worked on my Halloween tuck yesterday and now I need to find lots of goodies to stuff inside. I really like how it turned out, and it was a much quicker stitch than I anticipated. I hope my partner likes it, too!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Four of Six DONE!

I started this one Friday at lunch and finished it yesterday during football. Only 2 more to go!


Lynne and I had a great time together Friday night, and she actually stitched! Of course I don't think her mind was completely on it because she frogged the same little spot 4 times, but at least she had needle in hand after weeks of not stitching.

I hope to get a design picked out for my Halloween tuck and get it finished this week. The biggest challenge isn't going to be finding and stitching the perfect chart...it's going to be the candy actually making it INTO the tuck and into the mail! YUM! :)

Friday, September 12, 2008

It's Friday and Stitch Night!

I looked through some of my stash last night to find a Halloween design to stitch for the TS Tuck Exchange, but nothing really jumped out at me. So tonight when Lynne and I get together I'm going to start Four of Six instead. I didn't want to "settle" for a Halloween chart, so I'll look again this weekend for something to match the fabric in the pretty tuck that I have.

Carol R, Missy's RR is stitched on 28ct evenweave. I think it's Monaco, but I may be mistaken.

I keep seeing things I want to include in my Halloween Village. I just HAVE to put this witch in the air. Isn't she the coolest?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Missy's RR Is Finished

I finished Missy's house last night. She asked that we stitch a house that makes us feel comfy, and I chose "Pine Top Lodge" from LHN. I can just imagine cuddling up to a nice fire with my WIP and a cup of hot chocolate just stitching the night away here...

And here's the way it looks so far. I love the square she stitched! So appropriate for a friendship neighborhood! A skein of floss shows just how tiny the stitches are...

Click to see it bigger

I hope Missy likes her new addition. :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The House Is Done!

Now I get to decorate the yard and add some critters to Missy's RR. I should have a picture for you soon.
My TS Neighborhood RR should be in Jorja's hands tomorrow or Friday. Lynne has withdrawn from this round due to so much going on in her life right now, so she forwarded it on to the next person. I know it's hard for her to concentrate on stitching, so I totally understand.
I'm in LOVE with the new Victoria Sampler "Christmas Treasures" design. It's a definitely gotta-stitch. Such pretty things...

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Up On The Roof...

Got half the shingles done on Missy's house last night during MNF. Such tiny little things, and they're so cute! Over one stitching is so much fun.

I found this chart that I HAVE to have for my Neighborhood RR. Just look at that wall and gate. Is it not perfect for Halloween (with a little minor tweaking?)...

I can just see a black cat, back arched, perched on that wall. Too fun!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Finished Three of Six

I finished the third Blue Ribbon ornament yesterday...


Only 3 more to go and my set will be complete. They're such a fun stitch, too. I can almost do the alphabet now without looking at the chart. LOL

Missy's house now has a front and window panes, and will be getting a roof this week. I really like how it's looking so far. I think I need to find a few more little motifs to help fill my square which should be fun. I love mixing and matching!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Stitch Night Cancelled :(

Miss Lynne took a raincheck on our stitch night this week, so I came on home instead and after dinner and dishes sat down for some stitching and forensics. I made quite a bit of progress on Three of Six and should wrap it up tomorrow.

My TS Mini Mystery partner Shari has received her mini so I can show it now. I stitched an "S" with a little skein of DMC inside, and paired it with a fob made of beads in the same colors...

The charm on the fob says, "Life Is Measured By Moments." I also included a yummy Lindt orange dark chocolate candy bar and a couple of skeins of Cyndi hand-dyed flosses. I hope Miss Shari likes her goodies.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Friday Night Stitch Night!

Tonight is stitch night! Lynne and I are getting together at her place this week to try out her brand-spanking new banana-colored living room furniture. I was with her when she picked it out, and I'm dying to see how it looks in her space. The couch AND loveseat both have recliners on both ends, so I'm going to have fun deciding where to park to stitch!

Missy's house has a foundation on it. I built it last night during the game. I just love how over-one stitching looks. So tiny and sweet!

I've finally decided on a theme for my Me, Myself, & I Round Robin. I'm going with a Halloween Village! It's nice to finally have that decided. Now to choose a fabric...

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Silkweavers Fabric of the Month!

I'm very excited that the girls at Silkweaver Fabrics have brought back the standard fabrics choice in their Fabric of the Month. I really missed getting that sweet package of surprise linen in the mail each month. There aren't as many choices as there used to be in size and count, but $30 for two fat quarters of Belfast including shipping isn't bad at all!

My house in Missy's Neighborhood now has a red door! I'm hoping to get some more done tonight after I "frog" out a piece of the foundation that's one stitch off. *rolls eyes*

This is another model I did for Vee called "Orts." She also did the frame, which is just perfect for it. I have it hanging above my stitching space...


It's hard to tell from the photo, but the border has the prettiest beads which are a combination of all the colors in the design. Very cool!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Isn't She Adorable?

Vee has released her new Halloween designs, so I can post the model I just finished for her. Isn't it CUTE? It's called "Flying 101" and is part of her new "Witch in Training" series.


I love the kitty hanging on for dear life, and those pumpkin expressions are absolutely precious!

I got a good start on Three of Six at the Imaging office Tuesday morning, and I received Missy's RR piece yesterday and got a start on that. I managed to find my MagEyes which have been MIA for several weeks. It's a good thing because Missy's RR is over one on 28ct. These 'ole eyes ain't what they used to be!

Monday, September 01, 2008


I finished the model yesterday! WooHoo! I sent a picture to Miss Vee and she is very pleased with how it turned out. She should be releasing her new stuff very soon, so I can post a picture then.

September Goals:

* Start and finish Missy's TS Neighborhood RR
* Start and finish Three of Six
* Start, finish, and mail TS Halloween Exchange
* Start House #11 on HOHRH

I'm still trying to conceive my idea for the MM&I Round Robin and Laurie showed us Isa's work which is definitely an inspiration. I love the colors of Fall, and the ones she's using are so rich and beautiful. I can't wait to see what she does next!