Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ribbon, Ribbon!

I wanted to share the ribbon Diana and I found at the Williamsburg Pottery last weekend. You can't see it very well, but the red on the left turns gold when you move it. So elegant! And the red on the right turns blue, so it's perfect for the 4th of July. I'm a big fan of Christmas plaid, so the one in the middle is just perfect. But the neatest spool is the one on top! It looks like aida and I'm going to stitch on it!

Click to see them bigger...

I brought Two of Six with me this morning to my mammogram appointment thinking I could make a little more progress while I waited. I went to adjust the Q-Snap, caught my needle underneath and broke it! Isn't that great? So I was forced to play a game on my cell phone. It was either that or read an old magazine about Hannah Montana. Choices, choices...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Showing Off More Pictures...

As promised, here are more pictures of my gorgeous stitching bag and accessories from Diana and Lola! Click on the images to see them bigger. Notice the little "Lola 2008" tag in the upper lefthand corner. How cute is that?

And this is the pretty needlecase to go with it...

And a thread organizer...

And last but not least, this pretty rooster sunglass case and pouch!

I absolutely love all of it, and am so honored to have the first prototype of this bag from Lola. Someday it will be worth big bucks when she's the next Vera Bradley!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Stitching Bag -Slash- Purse!

OK, I didn't get any pictures last night so I swiped the ones Lola took just to show you what this beauty looks like! I'll snap some and show more views in a later post, but for now, isn't it gorgeous???

And here's the inside...

For the next few days I'm using it as a purse, but then I'll switch it over and use it as a stitching bag like Miss Lola and Diana intended. But it's just so pretty I don't want to not have it with me! LOL Even last night sofa shopping the lady at the furniture store commented on how pretty my bag is!

She made several stitching accessories to go inside as well, so I'll show you those later. I'm a very happy birthday girl all over again (without going up another year! LOL)

Monday, July 28, 2008

LNS Shopping!

Diana and I met at Haus Tirol in Williamsburg for a little stash shopping and visiting on Saturday! She didn't get ANYTHING (she's too good for her own good), but I found a piece of fabric for our Neighborhood Round Robin at Tranquil Stitches. I wanted Pearled Barley, but they were out of the size I needed, so I went with my second choice of Lakeside Linen's "Lentil."

It's got just a tad of a green tint, so I think the houses will look very pretty on it, no matter what colors the girls choose.

Miss Diana also gave me my birthday present from her and Miss Lola. I am so thrilled with it! I'll take pictures this evening and share. It's the prettiest stitching bag EVER!!!

I worked on Two of Six over the weekend replacing a section I had to frog. Argh. But hopefully I can find the time to finish it up soon so I can move on to my RR.

Happy Stitching, Everyone!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Pinkeep

Well, here it is. I'm not that thrilled with it, but I guess it'll do for a first attempt...

and the back...

I have to say the lacing was not as hard as I imagined it to be. I may have to try it again. But a sewer I am not, so I hope practice makes perfect.

I started "Two of Six" last night and got a right smart done already. I love those Blue Ribbon ornaments!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Belated Birthday Gift!

I had a manila envelope from Miss Jana waiting when I got home. I couldn't figure out what she could be sending me, so I was so surprised when I opened it and found a lovely birthday card along with Blue Ribbon's "Fruit Smoothie!"

What a wonderful gift! I have a lot of the Blue Ribbon gameboards, so this one goes very nicely with my collection. My TS girls are just the BEST!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Finished House #10!

Well, it's really House #3, but it's my 10th one since I started from the bottom. LOL

And this is what it looks like so far...

I really think it's cool and can't wait 'til it's finished and framed. I honestly can say I just haven't gotten bored with this piece at all, even with all the solid stitching. I just wish it would fit better on my Q-Snap! LOL

Friday, July 18, 2008

Bought Pinkeep Stuff!

Lynne and I went to JoAnn's the other evening and I bought "stuff" to make a pinkeep! I got a piece of foam board that I'm not sure will work, but I'm going to try it. I think I can lace my fabric and XS together around the edges then put on the trim and pins.

I found some very pretty fabric quarters that were on sale, too, and despite the fact that I swore I would NOT add fabric to my stash because I don't sew, it was too tempting to pick this up to use to finish my XS. I guess I'm doomed to start collecting fabric, too!

I ended up getting some gold-headed pins. I had no idea the things were so expensive! I also got a package of white pearl ones that are actually corsage pins. Most of the pins were just too small, but that's probably just my perception from looking at pictures of pinkeeps. I'll know more once I actually make one.

This is what I'm going to use for my first one...

It's by Homespun Elegance and I have a very pretty dark green fabric for the back. I just hope I don't ruin it! LOL

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Country Kitchen

Since I'm still plugging away on House #10, I'll share another of my older projects today. I did this one in honor of Mom...

I love the vibrant colors and I changed the verse around a bit to make it more fitting.

"I love my Mother's kitchen

And the way it makes me feel.

The aroma of her cooking,

And the plants on the windowsill.

It's the nicest place to visit

When I need a place to rest.

I love my Mother's kitchen,

But it's Mom that I love best."

My Mom and I loved to sit at the kitchen table and chat with coffee, work puzzles, plan holidays, and just enjoy each other's company. I have wonderful memories of my Mom's kitchen.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Stash Diving...

Well, I set out to find a piece of fabric on Saturday for a Neighborhood RR that we're starting at TS, but I didn't get very far. All that fabric fondling inspired me to rearrange and reorganize. I now have a box for linen/evenweave, an aida box, a towel and prefinished box, and a tuck box. so much easier to sort through to find something. Now to sort through and find something!

I also found some old finishes that I had actually forgot about having. This is one of my favorites...

It's from an old FLOCS mag and I actually scanned in the picture in two parts because it wouldn't all fit on the scanner. I should take a better picture with the camera. I really want to get this one framed.

Lynne came over last night and we stitched for a few hours. The house is coming along nicely and it now has two stories. Hopefully tonight I can get the rest of the shutters and windows finished and move on to the roof.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Swiped The Batteries...

from the 'ole remote so I could snap a picture of my HOHRH WIP. This is where I was on May 10...

And I've gotten this much done on the next house...

I can honestly say I'm still enjoying every stitch of this HUGE piece. I started it on July 5, 2006, and have worked on lots of stuff in between, but this has been my major WIP for the past 2 years. I can't wait to see it completely finished and hung on my wall in a gorgeous frame!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Christmas in July from Missy

Isn't this the cutest thing? This is my tuck stitched by Missy for our Christmas in July Exchange at TS...
She knows I love samplers, and the card is absolutely hilarious. I've hung it on my Ornament tree in the living room where it will stay through Christmas. It's so cute!

Stitched 2 birds and the birdhouse pole on House #10 last night. Still no batteries, so Patrick is still in the doghouse. He promises he'll find them for me today, though. We'll see!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Christmas In July

This is the ornament I stitched for Brenda in our TS Christmas in July Ornament Exchange. Karen made the tuck, and I found the gingerbread man in a back issue of a BH&G Christmas magazine. Nothing like a little instant gratification in stitching something small and sweet, too!

I got the bottom border of House #10 finished last night, and I'm ready to start on the actual house. I love how it looks so far, and I'll snap a picture of the WIP when Patrick returns the batteries he "borrowed" from my camera. The snit.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Storms, Shores, & Snores!

Sunday was such a lazy day. I woke up with a headache thanks to the birthday drink of rum & Sierra Mist that Rob made me. I should know better than to drink liquor with all that sugar! I snored most of the day away trying to shake the headache.

Lynne came over around 4ish and brought my birthday present. She got me Shores of Hawk Run Hollow which I've wanted since it came out. It'll be a while before I start it because I want to do the Village companion piece next, but I've got it now and it'll wait patiently until I'm ready for it. I'm so tickled!

We stitched for hours and munched on pizza and cookies. It's so great to get together with her and enjoy our favorite hobby. I got a lot done on House #10, and she worked on a bookmark for an exchange at TS. Around 9:00 it started to storm really heavily. I actually got to listen to the rain and drift off to sleep. There's nothing better in this world than a storm lullaby!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The First Of Six

I've already stitched two sets of the Blue Ribbon Designs "Christmas Sentiments: Volume 1." The first set I used to pay for finishing of the other set which I will use for gifts this Christmas. The set I'm working on now is MINE! Here is the first one finished and ready to go to Miss Lola for her to work her magic...

The letters and numbers are all over one, and the design and border are over two. I'm using Vintage Grain Belfast which I really LOVE. I enjoy stitching these and plan to do other sets as well. Especially the Valentine ones!

I worked on House #10 last night and got a lot done on the bottom section. The boys were gone, Miss M and her Dad went to the pool, so I enjoyed some quiet time with my stitching and forensics shows. If it had been raining it would have been heaven on earth. LOL

I'm working half a day on Friday and I guess we'll spend the evening at the pool. I hope to find some sparklers for Maddy. I miss the big fireworks, but the traffic is just too insane to even attempt to try it. It'll be nice hanging out, though, and just relaxing for the holiday.