Friday, January 02, 2009

Friday Night Stitch Night!

Going to Lynne's tonight for a Friday night Stitch & Sleepover. She's been taking a class on Friday nights which has ended now, so hopefully we can resume our regularly scheduled weekly programming. LOL I'm looking forward to it. I can also upload some pictures on her computer while I'm there, and have some to show next week of what I've been doing!

Now, if you were a pair of Mag-Eyes, where would you hide? I can't find mine ANYWHERE. I lost them once before, found them, and now they're gone again. I'm beginning to think I need to put a bell on them!

Have a great weekend everyone, and Happy Stitching!


Julie said...


Perhaps they didnt fancy a trip to visit with Lynne?

Vonna said...

OH my....I hope you find your Mag Eyes soon...I know I can't do without mine :)
Happy Stitching tonight!

Karen said...

Oh my! Where can they be? I hope you have a great time at Lynne's house. I wish I were there.
Happy stitching