Monday, July 28, 2008

LNS Shopping!

Diana and I met at Haus Tirol in Williamsburg for a little stash shopping and visiting on Saturday! She didn't get ANYTHING (she's too good for her own good), but I found a piece of fabric for our Neighborhood Round Robin at Tranquil Stitches. I wanted Pearled Barley, but they were out of the size I needed, so I went with my second choice of Lakeside Linen's "Lentil."

It's got just a tad of a green tint, so I think the houses will look very pretty on it, no matter what colors the girls choose.

Miss Diana also gave me my birthday present from her and Miss Lola. I am so thrilled with it! I'll take pictures this evening and share. It's the prettiest stitching bag EVER!!!

I worked on Two of Six over the weekend replacing a section I had to frog. Argh. But hopefully I can find the time to finish it up soon so I can move on to my RR.

Happy Stitching, Everyone!

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Christina said...

Nice fabric. Pleas tell me, how do you go to an LNS and not buy anything????