Friday, October 03, 2008

Eva's Neighborhood Has Arrived

I received Eva's beautiful RR piece in the mail and have gotten a start on my house for her. I love the color of the fabric she chose. Missy did CHN's "The Needlework Shop" for her square, so I think my choice will work nicely. Didn't she do a beautiful job?

I've also got to frog quite a bit of Six of Six, so I've left that one alone for a few days. I guess I'll tackle it this weekend and get it back on track. Stupid amphibian. LOL


just-missy- said...

That Missy sure is one fabulous stitcher!! LOL LOL

Julie said...

The needlework shop looks great - yes Misssy you are a fab stitcher, but so is Shirl so i cant wait to see what she adds to it LOL

Shari said...

it is beautiful!! I wonder if Missy wants to stitch it for me?!?! I have my fabric & floss ready to go!!!!