Friday, October 10, 2008

Moving Preempts Stitch Night

BUT, Miss Lynne did house sit for the Verizon guy for me yesterday and she got a lot done.

My Halloween Tuck is in the mail to my partner, so I'll post a picture when she's let me know she's received it. It turned out really cute.

I so hope I get to sit and stitch for a while tonight. I need the therapy...AND the REST! LOL


Shari said...

moving is such a tiring thing. I hope you can rest & take it easy tonight! The boxes will be there in the morning!!!

LadyDoc said...

Here's hoping you get your stitching time- and me, also, and everyone who wants/needs time to stitch!

Carol said...

It's Friday, girl. REST!!! Unpacking will be there for you tomorrow!

Sherry said...

I swore I would never move again because of all the packing and unpacking! LOL!

I hope you get plenty of rest and stitching done over the weekend!

Julie said...

I hope you'll both be very happy in your new home.
Have a good weekend.