Monday, October 20, 2008

Six of Six Is Done

WooHoo! Happy Dance with me! I finished Six of Six during football yesterday, so the set is done!

Now I'm anxious to start a new set of these, but I'll resist the urge until next year. Have you seen Valentine Wishes? I have a gorgeous piece of pink linen all ready for these, too!


staci said...

Big Congrats to you!!! You've done a fabulous job! And I've been eyeing the Valentine wishes too ;)

Julie said...

Gorgeous, well done on completing the set

Sherry said...

Congratulations on completing the set!

I sent you an email.

Carol said...

Beautiful!! Valentine Wishes is gorgeous!

LadyDoc said...

Oh, WOW!! Where does one get these charts?

In the "Valentine's set" the "compassion" pillow uses the symbol of the Sisters of Mercy- the crown above the heart. I must find that chart!

BTW- sorry to not put this first- your work is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Vonna said...

Whoo Hoo...tapping my toes for you! If I do anything more vigorous, I'll start wheezing! :)
Thats a huge accomplishment to finish all six! CONGRATS!!!

Magnolia said...

Thanks so much for the kind comments, ladies!

LadyDoc, the charts are from Blue Ribbon Designs. HTH!

xstitcher said...

Congrats!! Can't wait to see them all finished up!!!