Monday, August 18, 2008

I Can Show My Model!

Vee at VeeandCo has released her new Fall designs so I can share the model I stitched for her. This is "Fall" and is part of her seasonal series...

Isn't it cute? I really enjoyed stitching it up for her. I have enough of the fabric left to do the other 3 seasons, too, so they're on that ever-growing "To Do" list.

I finished up the gridding of my TS Neighborhood RR this weekend. Tonight I'm starting on another model for Vee that she needs by the end of the month, so I gotta cook on that!

Hope everyone had a wonderfully stitchy weekend!


Shari said...

how cute!!!!!! I love all of Vee's new patterns!! I could easily go broke!!! You did a wonderful job on a wonderful pattern!!!!
Thanks for visiting my blog!!!

Carol said...

LOVE IT!!! ORDERED IT!! I have her Spring and Summer designs; can't wait for Winter!

Beautiful stitching, girlie!!

Vee said...

Shirl, you did a beautiful job stitching this for me. Thank you so much for doing it :)

I've enjoyed looking through your blog and have it bookmarked.

Julie said...

Pretty design.

Love your RR neighbourhood, this is going to be such fun seeing what you all come up with.