Friday, August 08, 2008

Stitch Night At Lynne's

I've got some motivating to do. After work, Lynne and I are meeting for dinner, then going back to her place for some stitching. She hasn't picked up a needle since the last time we stitched together, so she needs some inspiration. Or a swift kick in the rear! Either way, she'll stitch tonight...guaranteed!

Last night I worked on my TS Neighborhood Round Robin. I got the tree finished for the middle section. Underneath the tree I'll stitch a gal in an apron, a rooster, and a squirrel. Then I'll block off where I'd like the other girls to stitch their houses.

I think after I finish my RR, I'm going to start Three of Six. I really want to get those done and get them to Lola to finish before Christmas.

I did find another WIP that has turned into a UFO. This is Drawn Thread's "Spot of Spring" and "Spot of Summer."

I need to find a good conversion from the Weeks that the chart calls for to DMC so I can get Autumn and Winter stitched.

Thanks for visiting today, and happy stitching!


Julie said...

Hope you and Lynne have fun, have an extra cake for me!

This is a lovely design, I have this conversion saved

Sherry said...

Have fun stitching! I love the Spot of Spring piece! Those PS charts (yesterday's post) look right up my alley!

Christina said...

Have a great time with Lynne. Try not to kick her too hard, we don't want any injuries.

What wonderful stitching can't wait to see you finish it.

"Magnolia" said...

Thanks, girls, and thank you Julie for the conversion! :)