Monday, September 22, 2008

Five Down, One To Go

I finished Five of Six over the weekend. Only one more to go and I'll have completed 3 sets! I bet y'all are getting tired of seeing these, huh?


This isn't the "actual" one. DS took the camera to a birthday party Miss M attended and FORGOT IT! But this is exactly what the one I just finished looks like.

So far I've got everything on my September Goals list done except for starting House #11 on HOHRH. I hope to get it on the 'ole Q-snap this week. Man, I wish I had some Q-snap covers 'cause that hunk of fabric is massive. Anyone know someone who does nice ones?


Kendra said...

I found an eBay seller who makes Q-Snap covers. They're really nice quality and her prices are VERY reasonable (as compared to others I've seen). I got an 11x11 one to see how I like it...and I really like it. I will be getting some more of these soon, and will probably give some as gifts.

She has 2 eBay ID's - trulyn2stitching and trulyn2stitching two.

Hope this helps!

Shari said...

wonderful Shirl!!!!! I love these, so NO, I am not sick of seeing them!!! And when you are done, you will stitch them for me, right?!?!?

Julie said...

I love Blue Ribbon Designs, course i'm not fed up seeing them.

Looking forward to seeing another HOHRH piccie

Sherry said...

I love these! I could never get sick of seeing them!

Vonna said...