Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The House Is Done!

Now I get to decorate the yard and add some critters to Missy's RR. I should have a picture for you soon.
My TS Neighborhood RR should be in Jorja's hands tomorrow or Friday. Lynne has withdrawn from this round due to so much going on in her life right now, so she forwarded it on to the next person. I know it's hard for her to concentrate on stitching, so I totally understand.
I'm in LOVE with the new Victoria Sampler "Christmas Treasures" design. It's a definitely gotta-stitch. Such pretty things...


Shari said...

I have Kathy's house done too!!! I just have a little on each side & it will be ready to roll on to Jana!!!
Keep up the great work!

Julie said...

Oh no ... i wish i hadn't seen that one!

andsewon said...

Well now Missy Pooh I think 'we' need to do some ornies like that too!!!!
Less sewing!!Oh yeah also the sampler... ;-)