Monday, September 08, 2008

Finished Three of Six

I finished the third Blue Ribbon ornament yesterday...


Only 3 more to go and my set will be complete. They're such a fun stitch, too. I can almost do the alphabet now without looking at the chart. LOL

Missy's house now has a front and window panes, and will be getting a roof this week. I really like how it's looking so far. I think I need to find a few more little motifs to help fill my square which should be fun. I love mixing and matching!


staci said...

It's lovely! You're on quite a roll there :)

Anonymous said...

It's lovely, I do love Blue ribbon designs

Anonymous said...

Hi Shirl! Just beautiful, all of them are such an inspiration to settle down and stitch! Thanks - Jeannette

Julie said...

So lovely, i do like Blue Ribbon Designs

Here's a link to beetroot

just-missy- said...

Ohhh your so ahead of me in the Christmas ornies!!! I love the Blue Ribbon designs!!!

So will my house have people insdie doing various things? LOL