Friday, September 05, 2008

Friday Night Stitch Night!

Tonight is stitch night! Lynne and I are getting together at her place this week to try out her brand-spanking new banana-colored living room furniture. I was with her when she picked it out, and I'm dying to see how it looks in her space. The couch AND loveseat both have recliners on both ends, so I'm going to have fun deciding where to park to stitch!

Missy's house has a foundation on it. I built it last night during the game. I just love how over-one stitching looks. So tiny and sweet!

I've finally decided on a theme for my Me, Myself, & I Round Robin. I'm going with a Halloween Village! It's nice to finally have that decided. Now to choose a fabric...


Cricketstitch said...

Hi Shirl, Thanks for stopping by my blog to visit. I hope you have a great stitch night tonight. Please let us know how the furniture looks. Can't wait to see the Halloween Village when the neighborhoods begin, everyone is getting real excited about them!

Carol said...

I want to go to stitch night with you!!

A friend of mine recently added on a room and has it decorated in yellow and red. She has a banana colored loveseat - absolutely beautiful. It would last about 30 seconds in my house before getting filthy, but her kids are grown so she can enjoy!

I'm still undecided on my MM&I RR theme. I'm horrible at decision making!

Shari said...

sounds like a wonderful evening to me!!!! It also sounds like the new furniture is like our new(er) furniture!!! COMFY!!!!!! I stitch on ours all the time!!!!

Julie said...

I hope you and Lynne dont nod off to sleep in those recliners!! Have fun and enjoy your girlie time together.

just-missy- said...

Ohhh I want to see this beautiful furniture!!

I can't wait to see my "little" house your working on.

Hugs and don't you girls have too much fun...I'm short on "bail" money!!