Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another Halloween Addition

Carol sent me a link to this design thinking I'd like it for my Halloween Neighborhood MM&I Round Robin. Does she know me or WHAT? Isn't it cool?

It's "Witch Hollow Tree Houses" by The Gathering Place. I'm thinking I like the one with the orange roof better, but I'll have to see the chart close up to decide which one to use. I LOVE the Jack-o-lanterns hanging in the trees. And the rat!

I've stitched the orange bricks on the right side of House #11. The picture on the chart really doesn't do this piece justice because the colors are so much more vibrant.

I also started Six of Six at work, which will be my lunchtime project until it's finished. I like stitching at lunch. It's a little bit of Heaven in a hectic day. :)

September Goals:

* Start and finish Missy's TS Neighborhood RR - Done

* Start and finish Three of Six - Done

* Start, finish, and mail TS Halloween Exchange - Done

* Start House #11 on HOHRH - Done


Carol said...

This would be a great companion piece to the Judity Kirby Halloween houses! I think it's a must have for me too! Love the hanging jacks and that creepy rat!

Carol R said...

I like that - almost makes me want to join the MM&I RR!

Sherry said...

Now how cool are those!! What a fun neighborhood you will have!

Karen said...

I wish I had done a Halloween one I think it would have been neat.

Julie said...

Congrats on getting all your goals for Sept done.
Spooky chart ... perfect for a halloween neighbourhood

Vonna said...

Its a super design and I agree about the jack-o-lanterns they are the cutest! :)

Shari said...

good job on finishing everything for Sept...woohoo!!!!!